Software Development

Signalum Desktop

Linux Desktop Application for reconnaisance of nearby wireless devices
Technologies Used: Matplotlib, PyQT5


Command line tool and API for searching and downloading movies by scraping


Open sourced library that provides bluetooth and wifi API within python code.
Technologies Used: Pybluez, Python

Word CLI

CLI dictionary using nltk library
Technologies Used: nltk


Open source library to provide search engine results from many of the most popular search engines from around the world.
Technologies Used: Beautifulsoup, Requests

Drive Downloader

Downloads multiple resources from google drive when given just a csv file containing the file links
Technologies Used: Beautifulsoup, Requests


Contributed to open source OSINT library used for reconnaisance.
Technologies Used: Argparse, Requests


Fuzzy string search for csv and excel files using Jacobian similarity and Levenshtein distance metrics.
Technologies Used: nltk