Web Development

Employee Platform

Developed the backend web API for an employee platform.
Technologies Used: Django/DRF/Swagger


A reverse image search engine that renders results directly.
Technologies Used: Django/Keras


Web Portfolio to showcase projects and skills in better manner. The same one you are viewing now
Technologies Used: HTML/CSS/JavaScript


Music retrieval API
Technologies Used: Scala, Finatra

Gophie Web

Single page application for the Gophie project.
Technologies Used: React, Axios

Personality Test

Platform for automating the DISC and MBTI personality tests to aid in recruitment.
Technologies Used: Django

Ji Art

Built a web platform to display my talented sister's artwork.
Technologies Used: HTML/CSS/JavaScript


Ratings system for the Gophie platform
Technologies Used: Python, FastAPI, Uvicorn, Alembic


Chatroom application using purely Golang web sockets
Technologies Used: HTML/CSS/JavaScript/Golang